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Providing quality construction and maintenance services at heights for over twenty years.

       Communications services include:

          • Complete tower supply and installation for:

             - Guyed towers

             - Self-support towers

             - Monopoles

         •  Antenna and RRU installation on towers and roof tops.

         •  Tower, site and shelter maintenance

         •  Tower inspection and deficiency repair

         •  Tower reinforcing

         •  Grounding and lightning protection

         •  Guy wire change out, plumb and tension

         •  Antenna and radio troubleshooting and maintenance

         •  Microwave antenna installation and alignment

         •  Fiber optic line installation and troubleshooting

         •  Tower removal

         •  Radome cover change out

         •  Decommissioning equipment

         •  Tower lighting and re-lamp

         •  Road construction

         •  Tower and anchor inspection and installation

         •  Shelter and wave guide bridge supply and install

         •  Generator supply and install

       Wind energy services include:

         • MET tower supply and installation for:

            - Lattice guyed towers

            - Self-support towers

         •  Measurement instrumentation supply and install

         •  Data logger supply and maintenance

         •  Instrument boom supply and install

         •  Remote power system supply and install

         •  Lidar deployment and maintenance

         •  Solar test station deployment and maintenance

         •  Obstruction lighting supply, install and maintenance

         •  Bird diverter supply and install

         •  Bat sensor pulley system supply and install 

         •  Turbine power measurement equipment installation and maintenance

We look forward to working with you to the highest industry standard and develop a friendly and mutual beneficial working partnership.

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