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About Us

Located in Southern Alberta, Waybest Tower Inc. has been actively involved in all aspects of the tower industry for close to fifty years. Our services include foundation installation, tower assembly and erection, and antenna, cabling, and lighting system installations across Western Canada. We routinely perform turnkey installation services in both the communication and wind energy sectors. With electricians as part of the team, Waybest is involved in electrical diagnostics and repair of lighting systems, lidar, power systems, and wind energy data collection systems. The service of SCADA, TV, radio, and two-way radio systems also forms much of the work that we perform on a daily basis. Additionaly, corrosion protection and analysis, including inspection work, are incorporated into our business. Our employees are highly skilled in all areas of tower installation, rigging, servicing, and inspections.  Waybest Tower inc. is committed to quality, reliability, and safety in the completion of projects.

Our Team

 Scott Smith                                 President


Terry W. Bouthillier                           

Vice President/NCSO


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